What makes Rosey Toes different than other nail salons?

Rosey Toes is a unique nail boutique.  If you are frightened of foot funk, contaminated files, peculiar pink smelly lotions, hasty service, dirty pedicure tubs…worry no more!  We are not a ‘chop shop’.  We abide all California State Board Laws.   All of our nail techs are California licensed (we display all licenses out in the open where clients may view them), communicate in fluent English (which is very important when working with chemicals), are professional, knowledgeable, and most of all…LOVE to do nails.  When it comes to our nail services, we focus on skill, safety, and cleanliness.

Did you know…unless it is metal it cannot be sanitized. Therefore, nail files, callus remover files pads, and  toe separators are discarded after every use or given to the clients after their service. Our clippers, nippers, and callus remover paddles are stainless steel.  We use stainless steel bowls to soak hands and feet.  We do not have spa chairs, plastic tubs and liners, or dirty drains. We use the highest quality skin and nail products.

We are an all natural (not organic) nail boutique.  This means we do not do gels or acrylics, so our nail lounge is free of the chemical smells and that annoying nail drill sound.  We are more health conscious than other nail salons, so we do not use UV Lights.  This means we do not apply or remove gel polish.  We understand that many salons will argue that the UV Light is safe for your skin and nails, we do not believe it.  When a product produces a huge profit for a shop, that shop will back it.

At Rosey Toes we care about our clients long term health, as well as our own.